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Automate business processes via cloud solutions:

  • transport logistics B2B (delivery of finished goods to retail outlets/ to distributors)

  • sales and marketing (sales of goods via sales representatives / commercial agents, merchandising and BTL events at retail outlets)

Cloud-based delivery planning, routing and execution software designed for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Our solutions empower pharmaceutical businesses to take charge of their highly complex operations ensuring that essential medicine arrive in perfect condition, on time, every time.

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  • Problem solving in real-time.

  • Communication in real-time.

  • Document flow in real-time.

  • Monitoring of cargo safety during transportation: motion sensors/ door openings, axle weight sensors, CAN-Bus, etc.

  • Plan-Fact analytics and reporting.

  • Prompt identification and response to emergency situations: accidents, malfunctions, infringement of safety regulations, misuse, theft.


Optimization of driving results in respect to wear & tear, safety, accident avoidance.

  • Fuel consumption monitoring.

  • Monitoring of modes of transportation of perishable products (i.e. temperature, humidity, light etc.).

  • Reduction/ avoidance of idle times with running engines.

  • Automated notifications/ escalation in case of violations and/or out of the norm events (visual pop-ups, Dashboard, SMS, E-Mail).


Your benefits

  • GPS-tracking and monitoring of routes/ location of transport vehicles and couriers.
  • Fuel consumption monitoring.
  • Planning efficient and balanced delivery routes and workloads by mileage and use of resources (transport capacities/ couriers).
  • Planning and online coordination of Last Mile Delivery process (transport vehicles/ couriers).
  • Processing of fiscal receipts and delivery documents. Acceptance of payment upon delivery.
  • Data can be imported/exported and integrated into customer applications (ERP, WMS or other client backend solutions).

Professional documentation of work results & proof-of-service-performance for:

client invoicing, employee steering, avoidance of misuse of company assets

time stamp

QR and barcode

smart geo-fencing


photos & videos

scan & print documents

client signature

sensor data


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