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  • How can I determine whether the solution works on my device?
    Dispatcher workplace (PC/ notebook): Compatible with Windows OS Mobile app (smartphones/ gadgets): Compatible with Android OS iOS version is in preparation and will be released shortly.
  • Does the application require internet access?
    Dispatcher Workplace (PC/ Notebook): For the Dispatcher Workplace you need internet access to be able to access the cloud services. Mobile app (smartphone/ gadget): Your mobile employees can continue to work even if the Internet connection is interrupted for a short time. The data (including the geocoding) is sent to the dispatcher's workstation as soon as internet access is available again.
  • How many people can share a subscription?
    The subscription packages have no limit on the number of users. Any number of dispatchers can use the dispatcher area at the same time. Any number of mobile employees can use the mobile app, whereby everyone has to download the mobile app onto their smartphone and activate it via the dispatcher workplace.
  • In which languages ​​is the application available?
    Currently available in German, English and Russian.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We use Wix Payments for payment processing. You can pay for your plan's subscription using major credit and debit cards, Giro Pay as well as Paypal accounts. For annual prepayments we also accept transfers to our bank account. If you want us to choose another payment method, write to hello(at) Additional payment methods are available with our Enterprise plans. Contact our staff for more information.
  • How long does it take to deploy the program?
    It can be up and running within a day. You will receive an email from us with the relevant instructions. If you plan to integrate with our API, this may take a few days depending on the complexity of the integration.
  • Can I get help with a custom API integration?
    If you have any questions about API usage, our support team is happy to provide their expertise. If you need more detailed advice or help implementing a custom integration, please feel free to contact us. Please understand that these consulting services are not included in our price plans and will be invoiced separately.
  • What is a task?
    A task is the core unit of measure of drivers (e.g. pickup or delivery) and/or work assignments of your mobile staff (agents, service personnel). For billing purposes, tasks are counted when completed through our application.
  • I have 5 drivers and make 120 deliveries (tasks) per day. How much would I pay?
    We recommend our M-Plan (Basic Driver/Agent): 5 drivers x 20 € / driver = 100 € per month (minus 20% discount for 12 months prepayment). Create automatic and/or manual plans, see progress in real time with our live tracking and identify your top performers with analytics.
  • Can I buy features à la carte? Are there any additional fees?
    You cannot buy additional features and we ask you to choose the plan that best suits your business. However, we do offer so-called ENTERPRISE solutions in case you have specific requirements for your business.
  • What happens if I purchase several different subscriptions?
    You can of course purchase several subscriptions at the same time. These will be listed accordingly in your member account. Please note that each subscription means separate access (with a separate login and password) and the different content of the subscriptions can not be added up! In other words: each subscription/each price plan can only be used independently with separate logins to the extent of the content described therein!
  • I have purchased a subscription. Where can I set up my account and download the application?
    Our solution is a cloud-based application. To use the dispatcher workstation, you must download an app onto your computer. After successfully purchasing a subscription/price plan, you will receive an e-mail with the relevant download instructions. Alternatively, you can also access the download options at any time via your member account. The mobile app for mobile employees can also be downloaded via Google Play (free of charge). To use the mobile app, the mobile employee must register via the dispatcher workplace!
  • Will my subscription be automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period?
    Yes. Many contracts and subscriptions are set to auto-renew by default. However, you will receive an email notification before the automatic renewal and you can cancel the contract or subscription at that time. As soon as the payment is made, you are back with us!
  • Can I change my plan later on?
    Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. If you would like to downgrade or cancel, simply send an email to or contact your account manager via our support phone number. However, please note that you can only cancel or downgrade a licence subscription at the end of the subscription period and not in the middle of the monthly payment cycle. Refunds are not granted but can be used under your chosen new plan.
  • How do you calculate the right costs?
    All our plans are open-ended or for a minimum period of 12 months. You can choose to pay monthly or all at once in advance for 12 months (with a special discount). You can cancel or switch plans at any time (please see the relevant section). Pre-Payment for 12 months: The total amount for 12 months is paid in advance. In return we grant you up to 20% discount - please refer directly to the price plans for details. In addition, if relevant in your chosen plan, we will charge you on the 10th of each month for any real order overruns incurred for the previous month. Monthly payment: You pay the monthly amount on the 1st of each month. In addition, if relevant in your chosen plan, we will charge you on the 10th of each month for any real order overruns incurred for the previous month.
  • How does my free trial work?
    Your risk-free trial provides unlimited access to the application for 14 days. You can choose another plan and start your subscription at any time during or after your trial period. Your credit card will not be charged until the trial period has expired. If you choose not to continue, your account will expire.
  • Can I get a reduced price if I have high volumes?
    If your business is expected to use more than 45,000 tasks per month, contact our sales team for our ENTERPRISE pricing. We can offer customised cloud solutions up to unlimited number of tasks and routes per month. Furthermore, we offer the possibility that you use Your company's own cloud servers, which can give you further networking and optimisation possibilities on a global level.
  • Do you charge for onboarding?
    No. Proper onboarding is the key to your long-term success with our solution and we are 100% here to help you with that, completely free of charge. We're even happy to organise one-to-one training for your entire team. Just ask for it in the chat.
  • What is a member account and why do I need it?
    We distinguish two types of members: (1) Members who have not yet made a purchase but would like to take advantage of certain benefits and (2) Members who have already purchased a solution package (1) Members who have not yet made a purchase but would like to take advantage of certain benefits: Take advantage of benefits such as access to a personal support employee, discounts and price advantages, up-to-date information on new products, training and education offers. (2) Members who have already purchased a solution package: Benefit from all advantages mentioned under (1) plus: You can use the member account to view your personal data (e.g. addresses, payment methods) and information and keep them up to date. It offers you the possibility to view and manage your orders, subscriptions and notifications once you have placed them. In addition, there is the exclusive option of downloading the current version of the operating instructions, tutorials, dispatcher app, mobile app and other interesting documents from the download area. Your member account access is a combination of your email address and the password you used to purchase a subscription to our services. With the purchase and the associated registration, you automatically become a member and can access all the benefits. Become a member and enjoy the benefits!
  • Are the log-in data for the member account and the log-in data for the application the same?
    No. With the member account on you can manage your subscriptions and personal data. The membership area will stay available even if you cancelled your subscription - so you can access subscription history and stay in contact. Membership can be cancelled at any time suitable for you. The seperate application log-in data is required to use the dispatcher app and the mobile App, which you can download to your computer or smartphones after successful purchase. Free Download is possible via your personal membership login. Login and passwords will be sent to you via e-Mail after you registered and agreed on a purchase. Access to the dispatcher work place and mobile apps will discontinue in case you stop your free trial phase without a purchase/ or will not continue after your trial phase ended/ or cancel your subscription.
  • What is the ID LIW and where can i find it?
    The ID LIW is a unique company user number that is assigned when a new company is registered in the Dispatcher Workplace App. This number is an identifier given per registered COMPANY. All users of this COMPANY work under the set ID LIW identifier. You can find your LIW ID in the application on your computer and go into the section "Help" >> "About"
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