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Control of fuel consumption for stationary objects

It is probably unnecessary to say that fuel costs are one of the main expense items in the operation of both vehicle fleets and stationary equipment with fuel consumption. With the constant rise in energy prices, every liter of fuel can be called "gold" without irony. In the absence of control over fuel consumption, the availability of fuel becomes an irresistible temptation for personnel, which ultimately results in multimillion-dollar losses for enterprises. The issue of theft is especially tempting at remote sites where autonomous power plants, construction, pumping and drilling equipment are operated, because the management and main regulatory authorities are located many thousands of kilometers away.

Our LogistInWeb team has been working with leading construction, industrial and mining companies for many years. More than once we had to solve non-traditional tasks of monitoring the operation of special equipment and machinery in remote areas of operation.

In addition to the satellite monitoring of transport (trucks, mining dump trucks) and special equipment (excavators, graders, bulldozers, railway locomotives), our specialists implemented projects to organize fuel consumption monitoring systematic for autonomous diesel power plants. Within the very first month, the customer noted a significant reduction in the cost of purchasing diesel fuel at remote sites.

No less interesting is the development of the project of a specialized construction organization with special competences in the field of strengthening soils, foundations, installing bored piles, permanent and temporary ground anchors, as well as wells for various purposes. Expensive modern self-propelled and portable drilling rigs, pumping, injection and auxiliary equipment is in use. When installing and configuring fuel consumption monitoring equipment, we encountered certain difficulties, which, however, were successfully overcome: i.e. the thickness of the walls of the fuel tanks was almost 3 cm, or, the shape of the tanks themselves turned out to be very bizarre, which made the calibration very non-trivial.

In addition to monitoring fuel consumption, the LogistInWeb™ allows you to control other parameters of stationary equipment operation: operating time (hours), power on / off time or start of power generators, work condition of attachments and much more.

Non-traditional requests do not frighten us, but become, first of all, a professional challenge. Successfully realizing the wishes of our customers, we acquired invaluable experience, which is used in actual and future projects.

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