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Today we start with a rhetorical question: What is one of the most valuable resources on Earth? No, not gold, not oil, not precious stones… People! In any business, there is always a lack of qualified employees, and we would like to get more return from those that are actually on duty.

When planning cargo transportation, especially in manual mode, a lot depends on the qualification of the very dispatcher - full utilization of the trucks' capacities, minimizing distances between delivery points, not exceeding daily work times of drivers - all in synch with the requested delivery windows. Theoretical knowledge alone will not be enough to prepare optimal routes; work experience and practical skills play a special role here. Sickness or holiday leave can considerably endanger the profitability and customer satisfaction.

That is why transport logistics specialists, like fine wine, become more and more valuable over the years - it is increasingly difficult to find qualified dispatchers for fair compensation in the labor market. This is easy to verify by analyzing the vacancies on personnel search sites.

Of course, a software solution will not replace highly qualified specialists. But digitalization can help to structure inherent company processes in all entities at all locations - thus reducing the dependence on the "human factor".

The unique LogistInWeb™ planning algorithms and mathematical models allow you to automatically plan delivery routes with minimal mileage, with maximum utilization of vehicles, with exact observance of delivery time and delivery windows. At the same time, more than fifty possible parameters and restrictions are taken into account - cargo transportation modes, commodity proximity, weight and size characteristics of goods, geofences, the presence of passes, drivers' working hours, etc.

You just upload delivery requests to the routing system, link the addresses to the electronic map, and LogistInWeb™ will calculate the optimal delivery routes automatically. This enables you to efficiently cope with medium and big quantities from a couple of hundred up to a couple of thousand delivery points per day.

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