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Mobile Manager App.

In our high-tech age, the success of any business largely depends on the speed of decision-making. For a modern manager of any level, the ability to receive information about violations or deviations from established plans / regulations / rules in real-time has already become an urgent need. The sooner the manager can make a management decision aimed at minimizing possible damage, the less will be the loss. And here mobile technologies are kicking in, making it possible to receive operational data around the clock anywhere in the world.

In transport logistics, it is important not only to plan the optimal routes for cargo transportation, but also to organize an effective system for monitoring the work of personnel (drivers, freight forwarders, couriers).

Our LogistInWeb™ mobile App called LiW Mobile Manager is dedicated to serve before mentioned purposes. It allows Managers to be up-to-date in real-time and to solve important control tasks online:

  • Monitor locations and routes of vehicles/ special equipment/ mobile staff/ mobile & stationary objects.

  • Monitor modes of operation of vehicles and special equipment (time of movement / work and parking, speed, mileage, engine hours, etc.).

  • Fuel consumption (current level, refueling and draining fuel).

  • Monitor safety and modes of transportation of goods (temperature, humidity, opening/closing of body doors, weight of the transported cargo, etc.)

For visual search and control of objects, the mobile App implements the "Maps" mode, which supports electronic maps from Open Street Map and Google.

The "Reports" module allows the Manager to review data on mileage, refueling and draining of fuel, violations of geofence boundaries, and many others for both individual and groups of vehicles. Templates and sets of reporting forms can be defined individually for each user in the admin section of LogistInWeb™.

Operational Notifications will promptly notify the Manager about violations and (or) deviations from the set plan, such as: “Deviations from the set route”, “Crossing a preset geofence”, “Lateness to the client”, “Draining fuel”, “Violation of the high-speed regime”, etc. The list of notifications is configured for each specialist depending on his job duties and area of ​​responsibility.

The use-rights of mobile App users can be flexibly delimited. This function is especially relevant for the management of transport logistics in large companies geographically distributed. For example, the Director of Logistics will be able to receive information about the operation of vehicles of all regional branches, whereas the Head of Regional Transport Department will only be able to receive information about vehicles and equipment reporting to him.

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